Selling your home can be a quick and smooth process once you find a good realtor that will highly regard your needs.

With that being said Tip #1 is find a good realtor! This is a crucial step in making the process of selling your home successful and as easy as possible. Finding a good realtor will also get you the most money for your home.

Tip #2: Stage your home to sell! Without even seeing the interior, buyers will pass a home if they are not impressed with the exterior. Different ways to make your home appeal on the exterior is to add some curb appeal with inexpensive shrubs and bright flowers. A coat of paint may also bring out the beauty in your home and attract the interest of buyers. Once your home is attractive on the outside, make sure you spruce up the inside as well by de-personalizing and de-cluttering. You, as sellers, want potential buyers to picture themselves in your home and having family photos, personal keepsakes, etc. around will limit the interests of buyers. It is important to take the home out of your house and stage your home to best showcase all your home has to offer.

Tip #3: Always be prepared to show your home. As long as your house is listed on the market, you will have buyers suddenly coming and going. Maintaining cleanliness (cleaning all dishes, wiping down counters, vacuuming, dusting, etc.) will increase the probability of your home being sold. Your house must be in top shape which may be inconvenient, but it will get your house sold.

Tip #4: Be smart when renovating. Renovating your home may be costly and over-upgrading may cause you to lose money in the end, rather than make money. You want to renovate in ways that will get you top dollar. Simple things like replacing door hinges, adding a fresh coat of paint, cleaning grout, and fixing leaky faucets can increase your homes value and you won’t end up losing money.

Tip #5:  Find out the market value for your home! Once you know what the market value for your home is, you have an idea of a reasonable price. Whether you agree with the pricing or not, it’s a good idea to shave off about 10-20% of the estimated value and you will be contacted by many potential buyers. Buyers will bid up the price over what it’s worth. Taking 10-20% off the market value may not seem at your best interest, but it is the single best strategy to sell a home in today’s market.

Tip #6: Brighten up your home! Good lighting is one thing that every buyer wants in a home. Go out of your way to make your home bright and spacious. Some ways to do this are simply cleaning windows, opening the curtains, increasing light bulb wattage, and things of that nature. Allow the sun to shine in your home. Light wall colors will brighten your home and also make your home space look warmer and bigger.

Tip #7: Make your home look different than every other home on the street. Add a little something to your home to attract buyers. The uniqueness of your home will add to the desirability of it and sell your home quicker than the one down the street.